Long Guns and Their Types

Guns have two main categories: Hand Guns and Long Guns. Handguns include pistols and revolvers, and long guns subcategorize into rifles and shotguns. The primary difference in both is the drastic change in their shape. Long guns like their name state have longer barrels and shot while braced against the shoulder as they have intense felt recoil. Handguns, on the other hand, are shot while holding in hand. That said, let us discuss the types of long guns.

Bolt Action Rifles

The simplest form of a long gun is a bolt gun rifle. Since it operates manually, hence takes longer to fire a shot. A small handle located at the right side of the weapon manually opens and closes the breach. When the handle is operated, it unlocks the bolt, opens the breech, and the cartridge is ejected. Bolt is pushed again to load a new round of cartridges following the closing of the breach. Compared to most manually operated guns, bolt action rifle offers more strength, reliability at a much lower cost. It is still used in hunting and target shooting and supports between four to ten bullets.

Lever Action Rifles

Lever action rifle was invented back in the nineteenth century, which served what semi-automatic rifles do in the present. Because there were only bolt and muzzleloaders, allowed to load one round at a time. It is still used to date by cowboys and hunters for its reliability, smaller size, and higher caliber. A lever is attached to the gun. When pulled, a bullet is loaded, and the user pulls the trigger and shot the fire. Again, the lever is pulled to empty the cartridge and load a new round. An example of a lever-action rifle is Winchester 94.

Semi-Automatic Rifles

These guns load new bullets automatically after the shot is fired. The shot fires manually, the cartridge is ejected automatically, and the next round is loaded automatically. Hence, they are considered more lethal too. They also support external magazines with a capacity of five to thirty rounds. The size and shape of these guns vary. Examples are AR 15 rifle and an AK-47 rifle.

Shot Guns

When a shotgun is fired instead of a single shot, numerous pallets leave the muzzle in a diverging pattern. It is used for hunting small-range targets like birds. Furthermore, modern shotguns are also able to hunt deer and bears.

Shotguns are incredibly versatile as they are used in hunting and shooting. And are used by the army and police in the United States. Moreover, they are also used in sports such as skeet shooting and trap shooting Examples of shotguns include Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590.

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