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Even if your handgun comes with a free magazine, you’ll want to have a few extras on hand just in case. Why not choose the best magazine for your long gun from our large variety of magazines and extended magazines for long guns and handguns? World Gun Store is a website dedicated to firearms and everything related. We are a proud dealer of high-quality firearms and are based in the United States and Europe.

Long Guns

Rifles and shotguns are the two types of long guns. The primary difference between the two is the significant shape change. The shooter must shoot long guns braced against the shoulder due to the significant projected recoil. Let’s take a quick look at the types.

Shotgun: A shotgun, rather than firing a single shot like a regular gun, discharges a number of pallets in a diverging pattern. It’s used for hunting birds at close range. Modern shotguns can also be used to hunt deer, in addition to birds.

Lever Action Rifle: This rifle has a lever on it. It loads a bullet and then fires it when the trigger is pressed. The lever is pressed one more time to empty the cartridge and refill. Winchester 94 is an example of a lever-action rifle.

Semi-Automatic Rifle: After a shot is fired, these guns automatically reload with new rounds. When the shot goes off manually, the cartridge is automatically ejected, and the next round is auto-loaded, and so on.

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