Handgun Magazines

The word “magazine” comes from the French word “magasine.” The name comes from the fact that magazines store bullets or ammo. There’s always a magazine when there’s a gun. When you buy a gun, it comes with a magazine, but you’ll want extra magazines or extended magazines to be able to load more bullets and have a backup for hunting or self-defense.

Even though your pistol comes with a free gun magazine, you’ll need a few extra magazines just in case. So, why not choose the best magazine for your pistol from our extensive selection of extended magazine and handgun magazines?

Extended Magazine

An extended magazine, also known as a high-capacity magazine or a large-capacity magazine, is an extension for guns that allows them to hold more rounds. The standard extended magazine typically stores an additional 2–3 rounds over the standard magazine.

The Capacity of Handgun Magazines

The capacity of ammunition or bullets in handgun magazines varies. The magazine capacity of semiautomatic pistols and rifles is typically 15-30 rounds. Extended Magazines, which are large-capacity magazines attached to a gun or rifle and need the shooter to fill it less frequently, may also be familiar to you. In addition to the basic magazine, regular ‘extended’ magazines usually store an extra 2-3 rounds.

Types of Handgun Magazines

Box Magazine

Box Magazines are classified into two types: detachable and fixed. Fixed magazines have a capacity of five to ten rounds. On the other hand, detachable magazines allow multiple loaded magazines to be kept and replaced as needed.

Cartridges in a box magazine load in either a single or double stack. Box magazines can be made of metal or plastic. Because plastic magazines are transparent, you can see how much ammunition is left in them.

Tubular Magazine

A tubular magazine is made up of a tube that holds cartridges inserted end-to-end. Tubular magazines are permanently attached to the pistol and are not removable. Furthermore, tubular magazines have some drawbacks, such as the limitation of only using soft-tip bullets, insufficient capacity, and slow reloading.

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