AR 15 Lower Receiver

The AR 15 lower receiver sits above the pistol’s grip, grips the trigger, and holds other components together by providing housing within itself. It also has a magazine slot. However, the lower receiver cannot fire by itself and is not considered a firearm.

Although it is not a firearm itself, the government has ordered those prohibited from possessing firearms to be charged for possessing lower receivers. A lower serial has a serial number on it, and if you order it online, it cannot be delivered to your house. Instead, it is delivered to a place with Federal-Firearm License.

AR 15 Receiver

AR 15 has two types of receivers – upper and lower receivers. The AR 15 upper receiver can be called a heart of a rifle because it holds a bold, lower receiver and bolt together and is situated in the middle of everything. The AR 15 lower receiver is not as important as the bolt carrier group and the upper receiver, but it is still an important part of the rifle.

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