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Before discussing AR 10 magazine, let’s take a quick look at Ar 10 rifle. Eugene Stoner invented the Arma Lite AR-10 in the late 1950s when the United States Army sought a weapon improvement.
T44E4, T48, and AR-10 were among the best designs submitted by gun designers. The AR-10 design was chosen because it possessed the characteristics that the US army was seeking at the time. Because the fiberglass instruction was light, accurate, and automated, and it shot like a dream.
Back to AR 10 magazine, The AR-10 rifle can fire 7.62×51 rounds, and the most common magazines are LR.308 and SR 25. They are detachable and have a design reminiscent of that of the 1950s. When it comes to capacity, the AR-10 has a 25-round capacity, while the AR-15 has a 30-round capacity.

Extended magazine for AR 10

An extended magazine provides more ammo space as compared to a standard magazine. Though all kinds of guns come with a free magazine, you’ll want to keep a few additional magazines on hand just in case. Typically, AR 10 holds 25 rounds, and extended magazine holds up to 40.

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